Finished Knitting, a season too late

K on treeEver since moving to our new home, I haven’t done as much knitting as I used too. It used to be that I would knit every day, and I would finish a knitted project a few times a month.

However, I now live with 4 people, and I drive to work instead of riding public transit, and I don’t have a fun knitting group like I used to, so I now only knit occasionally.

That’s how I’ve gone this long without really finishing much of anything. But I recently finished something that I feel somewhat proud of, even though I won’t be able to wear it again for about three seasons. That’s right, my friends, what I have finished is an extremely thick, warm winter sweater.

This was a top-down raglan, so once I finished the body and tried it on, I realized it would be absurd in this climate to put the sleeves on as I would never be able to wear it. So it’s now an extremely thick, extremely warm, 100% wool cowl-neck t-shirt. That’s right. Fashion-forward, my friends.

I suspect the only way I’ll ever be able to wear it is with long-sleeves underneath in weather that’s about 35-45 degrees, but then I’ll look super stylin!

I give you the Down East Sweater!


This sweater was made after the pattern called DownEast by Alicia Plummer. The Yarn was Malabrigo Chunky in the colorway Verdes, and I used size 10.5 and 11 needles to make it.

Since it’s so thick, it was a pretty quick project, as far as knitting goes. However, with my failure at knitting all the time, I actually started it in January and just finished it recently, so that doesn’t seem so quick.

I alternated skeins as you should always to with a variegated yarn to mitigate pooling, but there is still some pooling in this sweater, which I think is a shame, but the Architect prefers to see the patterns in the yarn, so it’s not a total loss.

And, for those of you who are fans of cabling, here’s a closeup of the front panel. I had to modify the panel slightly since in the small sizes the waist shaping interferes with the cabling panel, so I moved all of the decreases to the outside of the panel so it would stay intact, since I opine that off-centered waist decreases are much less distracting than waist-level pattern disintegration, but that might just be me.


Have a good week, everyone! And happy crafting, if you feel so inclined!


3 thoughts on “Finished Knitting, a season too late

  1. Another beautiful knitted creation. Love the way the pattern of the yarn intermixes with the cabling pattern. More interesting that with just a solid color yarn. And short sleeve sweaters are great in the spring when it is starting to warm up but there can still be a slight chill in the air.

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