About Us

We are S and K, a pair of identical twins — that close kind who swear up and down that we’ll live together until we’re 80. No, we can’t read each other’s thoughts and feel each other’s pain (except in that “I totally feel your pain, that sucks” kind of way). We don’t dress alike, and people don’t really confuse us that often. Except people tell us our voices are exactly the same.

We live together with S’s husband and K’s boyfriend. We’re one big, happy, non-nuclear family.

S and the Architect 3S is the older twin by an hour. She is a professional dancer with a day job, and met her husband, The Architect, in 9th grade. They were high school sweethearts and were married in October of 2012 after nearly a decade of dating. She is the one with the really long hair that’s usually in a bun and the romantic style, and is the philosopher of the pair. Some people have described her as the “crunchy granola” twin. She doesn’t think she’s really that crunchy, but she does love the environment, love, and beauty.

The Architect, S’s husband, is always bringing home things he found on the street and making awesome things out of them. He never refers to S as his “wife,” preferring to call her his “Lady.” She finds this endlessly charming.

K and the ArtistK is the younger twin, but everyone guesses she’s older. She’s an executive, so she has a way of commanding a room. She began dating her boyfriend, The Artist, in 2008 while at a summer job.  She is quite stylish, and is fascinated by human reproduction and fiber arts.  She thinks she’s hilarious (and she is hilarious). She is capable of turning anything into an interesting story, and she is really good at eavesdropping.

The Artist, K’s boyfriend, is an excellent graphic designer, and can name every font you point at on the street. He’s also very goofy and uses a new pet name (Snickerdeedoodledear, for example) for K practically every time he talks to her.

And why Two Half Eggs, you may ask? Why, our father is dorky and uses outdated phrases all the time like “odd bedfellows” and “You’re a good egg.” When we were kids, he used to hug us and say, “You’re a good half egg” in reference to the fact that we originated with a single egg in our Mama’s belly that split into two people.

We can be contacted at twohalfeggs at gmail dot com.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I was surfing your pictures and felt that some of the background shots look familiar. The NASCAR guy and I live in the Charlotte/Huntersville area and although there are parks everywhere, I felt I was looking at Freedom Park in a couple of your shots.
    Either way, I enjoyed your refashions.

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