If you thought last week’s bathroom was cool, just wait

K on treeSo, along the lines of S’ post last week about our move, I’ll be giving you more information about the bathrooms in our house, specifically, how awesome mine is.

The Artist and I somehow managed to end up with the master bedroom, which of course means the best bathroom. Of course we’ll let everyone use it because it would be unfair otherwise, but we’re totally stoked about the new space. Not only does it have a pair of sinks, but it also has a standing shower and a jacuzzi tub.

Not only a jacuzzi tub, but one set into an amazing platform with luxurious space around it.

Eh, voila, the photo:

Yep, you're jealous


Dick is quite happy with the standing shower as well.

The only thing we aren’t happy about so far is this bizarre electricity thing that’s happening. We had to buy a washer & dryer, but then the dryer stopped working. We figured we got a bad used one, so we called an appliance repair guy, who said we had too much power coming out of our walls which (possibly) had fried the computer in our dryer. So we had our landlord call the power company, who said it wasn’t their problem, that we had to call an electrician. So the landlord called an electrician, who said there was no problem with our electricity in the house. I guess the new theory is that the electric company is causing power surges in the house, but we don’t know yet, so we’re without a way to was our clothes at this apartment for the time being, which is annoying. Also, hopefully the computer on our dryer isn’t broken because then we’ll just have to buy another one because the cost to fix the computer will be three times what we paid for the used machine.

In happier news, the Teacher is all moved in! Here’s a pretty picture of her new room!!!

Pretty in Purple


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