Two Winter Refashions

S on Snowdonia


Last week, K showed you guys the dress from our grandma that I refashioned for you all. Today, I’m going to give you some more details about how I got all that done. Also, I’m going to show you a fun Christmas cocktail dress refashion that I actually did ages ago for another party, but I’ve been holding off on showing you guys so that I could wait around until it would be appropriate to re-refashion it into a Christmas dress. So, without further ado, dresses!

First off, I’ll tell you more detail about Grandma’s dress. For review, here’s the before-before, when she was wearing the dress at our high school graduation.



She used to wear it to all kinds of family events: weddings, birthday parties. Everything. Here’s how it looked when I first put it on:

Grandma dress beforeYikes! A dreary day and a dreary fit! Something obviously had to be done. First step, I took off the sleeves because they obviously weren’t helping. There was this strange fold over the shoulders I decided to keep as little epaulets, so the next step was to finish folding those shoulder folds all the way down the sides. I also took in the side seams some so that the armpits would sit where they should. Then, once I folded those epaulet/dart things toward the sides, I realized that they just folded over each other on the side seam and make the dress fit beautifully! So I stitched them down on the sides, and hemmed it to knee length. And voila! An updated dress with ancestral history. Here’s another picture of K wearing it. She’s got a silly hat, a silly smile, and a silly pose, but you can get a better idea of how it fits than the picture she posted about it last week.

Grandma dress after


And now for the second refashion: A cocktail dress out of an 80’s prom dress. I picked up this frightfully outdated dress at my local thrift store, and decided I could give it some love.

Christmas dress beforeOh, yeah. Check out that sexy slit and the weird ribbon design thingy on top. Sexy sexy. First thing I did, obviously, was to remove the applique on the bustline, take it in to fit on the sides, and change the hem to a more modern cocktail length, thus losing the slit. But it still lacked something, so enter this (terribly photographed) plaid shirt:

Christmas dress part 2 beforeI don’t like strapless dresses. I hate wearing them, I’m always worried that they will fall off. So this dress obviously needed at least one strap. The Architect and I came up with this crazy idea to make a strap for the dress out of this plaid. And then we went even further and decided to keep it going. Add in a wide white belt, and you have the perfect outfit to go to a fancy schmoozing event trying to get rich people to donate to the arts. The Architect’s firm was involved in decorating, so we got to go for free. Here are a couple of afters from that event. First up: Forking the Architect in a photobooth.

Christmas dress after 1Second round: posing in front of a car we could never hope to afford: The Architect and I, for what it’s worth, got many, many compliments from strangers on how well-dressed of a couple we are that night.

Christmas dress after 2


Ever since I refashioned that dress, though, I’ve been thinking it would make a great Christmas dress, if only it had a bow. It would be like the adorable Christmas package dress. So, when I found out this week that I get to go to the company party of the place I worked before we moved and surprised everyone, I knew this would be the perfect chance to dress like a Christmas present. I made a bow for the belt, and here it is:

photo (4)Now that I finished, I think the bow might look better if I attach it to the buckle on the belt and just wear the belt a little sideways so it lines up. I think it might look too busy with the buckle and the bow. What do you guys think?

Before and After

Before and After







11 thoughts on “Two Winter Refashions

  1. I agree that it looks too busy with both the buckle and the bow.

    Two clever fashions.

    Is there a job possibility nested in this talent somewhere? ☺

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