Two half eggs plus one whole egg

K on treeWe have big news in two half egg land! We have a really close friend we’ve known since elementary school (that part isn’t news). We’ve always been super close, even though S and I moved away after 5th grade. Luckily, our parents saw the value in our friendship and we saw each other at least once a year since then. We even all went to Space Camp together twice.

The big news is that our friend, the teacher, is moving in with us! She’s lived right by where we grew up basically forever, so we are excited for her to try out a new place. We’re getting a new apartment this week and moving in, and she’s coming the weekend after this one, so very soon we’ll have  5 in our house!


We’re so excited to welcome her into our home and our family because we’ve been friends for nearly 20 years.


Refashion Friday: Work Dress

S on SnowdoniaThis dress has been in my to-be-refashioned pile for almost a year, now. When I first got it, I thought it would make an excellent work dress, but then we moved and I didn’t have a job, so I didn’t have the motivation to work on it. But now I’m employed! And my work has a real dress code (this is my first job to have an actual dress code), so I have to look all professional. The main sticking point is that our skirts have to be down to the knee, and I have a lot of really nice work dresses that are just a bit too short for that requirement. So this little number jumped on up in the priority scale. Please forgive the blurry before photo, from back in our old apartment.

work dress before

Hoo, boy. Check out that baby pink top half. And that weird batwing sleeve thing going on. (You may remember from my Valentine’s dress that I’m not the biggest fan of batwing sleeves). Also, that navy button at the collar was incongruent.

The first thing I did was throw it in a dye bath with a dress from my very first refashioning post. Purple!

purple dye bucket

Once it was done dying, it sat with the rest of my to-be-refashioneds for most of a year, while I moved and made new friends and refashioned some other dresses and whatnot. Come on out, dress!

The first thing I knew I wanted to do was change the shape of the neckline. That round collar with the big navy button wasn’t doing it for me. So I turned it under and stitched.

pinning neckline

Then, I cut off a bunch of the sleeves because they were weirdly long and tight at the end, just to make it easier to work with them. I wanted to move the waistline up, and since there was already a seam on the top of the sleeves, I decided to take it up from the shoulder:

pinning shoulders

And finally, I changed the shape of the armpits.

pinning armpits

And that was it! I must admit, this isn’t my favorite after ever ever, but it’s a work dress, so it doesn’t have to be my favorite item of clothing. Besides that, it’s so very very improved from what it was before that I’ll take it.

purple work dress after

I will look so proper and assistant-y! That concludes this week’s terrible to wearable!

work dress before and after

Ladies Weekend and my new job

S on SnowdoniaWe’ve been so busy visiting friends and family and getting ready to move to an awesome new place next month, and I’ve been so busy starting my new job that we have been somewhat remiss in keeping up with our posting schedule. Alas, life. 

My new job is super awesome. We had a company-wide talent show plus free lunch last week, which was hilarious and very well-done. Plus my new coworkers are great and my office has a sweet view. And I can ride my bike to work. Could it be any better? Probably not.

Except! Ladies Weekend was way better. Ever since the year of my bachelorette weekend, K and my lady friends take a trip for one weekend a year to make sure we’re keeping up with each other. We rotate who to go visit by going in alphabetical order by first name. This year, it was the turn of our friend who lives at the beach. Her parents very generously offered to let us stay at their place, since they were going to be out of town this weekend anyway, and their house is the most awesome house ever. It is immediately on a lake. When I say immediately on a lake, I mean it. The back deck may as well be a back dock. It’s also beautiful and half a block from the neighborhood’s private beach. Which meant it was the first time in my life that I went to a beach that wasn’t totally full of tourists. It was magical. The whole weekend was so relaxing and wonderful. There was a full moon, so we went out to the beach and stayed up late telling stories and dancing under the moonlight. The moon was so bright that we didn’t need any artificial light at all, and it was such a wonderful experience.

We also did a little touristing, which is where my friend fell suddenly and deeply in love.

10557174_693868894346_4467572011137636092_nK and I carpooled for that friend, for whom it was cheaper to fly to our city and ride with us (other friends flew straight to the beach). On our way home, we made a tourist stop at South of the Border. We thought it would be fun and awesome, and it was a little bit. South of the Border is a huge Mexican-themed tourist location just south of the North Carolina/South Carolina border. Because, get it? It’s south of a border and so is Mexico?



However, that stringless Tiki guitar in a Mexican-themed kitsch tourist location might tip you off to our problem with the whole experience. See, when K and I hang out with that friend, we get very academic. And South of the Border is about as un-academic as it gets. So we went around problematizing all of the cultural appropriation. Which was BAD. There were terrible cultural stereotyping space-taker-uppers that referenced the entire world. Like Tiki guitars and a drum made out of actual zebra skin (which was $650 and had a tag that was yellowed with age because who goes to South of the Border with the intention of spending that much money on exotic animal hides?). You can also purchase tourist things from places that South of the Border is not in. Such as shot glasses that say Florida on them And there was this cultural monstrosity:


As you can see, this is a “Leather Tee Pee” that depicts Kokopelli. Kokopelli is a fertility deity from the Hopi, who lived in the Southwestern United States. Tee Pees are from the Native Americans of the Great Plains. These were entirely separate people with entirely separate nations. But of course, at South of the Border, you can just put the god of one native group onto the dwelling of another native group. Because tourism! And all “Indians” are the same! Gross.


Family is Awesome

S on SnowdoniaAfter last Tuesday’s awesome news, we got some more great news on Friday–the Artist got a short-term job at a firm that’s pretty darn awesome. And then later on Friday, some rednecks came to town! It’s Ole Redneck and Young Redneck, my brother and nephew. It’s really great to have them coming to visit, since my brother has never been to our house before and my nephew only had once. Usually we visit them when we go back home for Christmas. But my brother had some extra time off work for vacation, so they came on over for the week. We live so much closer to back home since the big move, so we’ve been able to see so very much more of our family.

They had just gotten finished with a quick camping vacation to meet the Duck Dynasty guys and go to a few sites in Louisiana from the show. My nephew got Si’s autograph, which he just loves because Si is basically his hero.

So they came to visit us, and we went blueberry picking, which we do every year around the summer solstice. And then the two rednecks, the Architect, and I went to a dance show that some of my friends were in. Old Redneck had a good time and enjoyed having an experience different from what he usually does.

When we came home, K and the Artist had made some blueberry ketchup (did you know you can make ketchup out of any fruit?) and they made some yummy ham sandwiches with it. Old Redneck dribbled some on his chin, so K helped.

blueberry ketchupYoung Redneck loves video games, so he’s spent a fair amount of time playing them since he’s gotten here. He likes to play games where he can drive cars around. The Artist shows him how it’s done.



On Sunday we had a nice relaxing day and went out and grilled. It was nice. Then yesterday, since everyone but me was at work, the Rednecks and I took a nice, long walk around town for several hours. We stopped off to take a picture with Young Redneck and a sculpture called “Captain Jack.”

Captain JackIt’s been so nice having them in town and getting to spend so much more time with them that we usually get to. Even just a few weeks ago, we went back home for the weekend to visit Mom and Dad for Dad’s 60th birthday. We went for the weekend, which was something we never could have done before, when there were 800 miles between our home and our parents. Dad’s cake had so many candles.

so many candles unlit

It took us a long, long time to light them all.

being lit 2

candles being lit

As we finally got all the candles lit, we got this picture with my dad and all his kids and grandkids. Did I mention there were a lot of candles?

so many candles all the kids

When Dad blew them out, it was a smokesplosion!