Refashion Friday: Scrappin’

S on SnowdoniaAll these refashions I do leave me with a lot of leftover fabric bits. I try not to throw away too much spare fabric, so I keep it around for when I have little projects I might need it for.

So, today I’m going to show you three little scrap projects I’ve completed lately where the leftover fabric lying around has come in handy.

First off, I made a sunglasses case out of the leftover shoulder pads from my Valentine’s dress. I got the idea for this one from Refashionista. What I did was take the two shoulder pads and sew the long sides together:

sunglasses case in progress

Then I stitched together the tops of the arches, and I was done.

finished sunglasses case

Another scrappy project I did was repairing my ballet slippers. I’m only teaching ballet these days, not performing, so what my shoes look like doesn’t really matter all that much. And ballet slippers get holes in them all the time. We had some upholstery fabric lying around from when we reupholstered our kitchen chairs, so I used a little bit to patch up my shoes.

ballet slipper repair

And finally, the Architect and I have a hamper with four sections, so that we can sort clothes as we put them in the hamper. Unfortunately, the four sections look identical and we kept getting confused and mixing all the clothes together anyway, thus making it a pointless hamper. So I used some scraps I have to color-code the fronts of the hampers. Now we know where to put our whites, darks, colors, and reds.


The end! Today’s lesson: scraps are handy.


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