One Egg, Divided

S on SnowdoniaIt’s been a sad couple of weeks here in Two Half Eggs land.

K moved 550 miles away from me. And I miss her.

As we’ve mentioned before, she just finished her MBA. Her company named her Director of Marketing and asked her to move to their new corporate office. We all decided to follow her there. This week marks the first time that she’s lived with the Artist. Also the first time I’ve lived alone with my husband.

Princess K leavingK and The Artist have lived in different cities for the last five years because they both loved their jobs. We don’t like his city, he doesn’t like ours. So this new city, which is closer to our parents, seemed like a good compromise. We can all be together.

The Architect and I are finishing out our lease here before we move to go be with them at the end of November. And then we’ll all live together in one little apartment and be a happy family, all of us together.

She left on Saturday morning, and we cried, and her room was so empty. We had to reorganize our furniture because the whole apartment was so empty without her things. Then one of the Architect’s college friends came to town, and we took her out to dinner. And then our good friend came with a delicious ice cream cake to celebrate the Architect’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Architect!


Our kitchen’s cutesy details

S on SnowdoniaOur kitchen floor is big enough, beautiful enough, and wooden enough that it makes a successful replacement for a dance studio. This is incredibly convenient, considering I am a professional dancer. To have rehearsal, we simply move the table out of the way.

I was having rehearsal a few days ago with a choreographer and another dancer for a show we’re preparing for. I had never met this other dancer, and she had never been in my house. Over the course of the rehearsal, she fell in love with our kitchen. It was so much fun to see it through new eyes as she noticed the cutesy and fun details we put into it. Most of them were put in by the Architect. I thought I would share with you her process of discovery in our kitchen.

First she noticed la mouton from La Petit Prince. The Architect made it. He has this hobby where he cuts pictures out of thick paper, then puts them over a dark background.


La mouton has a companion piece on the other side of the house. But she noticed and recognized the little guy, and got really excited. The other piece is from another part of the book, with the phrase “S’il vous plait, dessine-moi un mouton!” For those of you who don’t speak French, that means “Please, draw me a sheep!” It’s from a part of the book where the prince is lost in the desert and needs a sheep. We like to picture the prince watching over his sheep who is chewing on baobab trees in our kitchen.


Then, she noticed our flour.

SAM_2158And then she noticed our tea. We keep our tea in little numbered jars to keep track of which tea is which flavor. We’re loose leaf tea fans.


And on one of the wooden pillars in the room, we have hung a piece of slate where we have our tea menu.


The other thing about our kitchen is that a lot of the decorations are from our wedding, which was in October. In the picture below, you can see our seating arrangements and a few signs from the bar.

namesBut my favorite detail about the kitchen is the “to get” list. It brings back very happy memories. See how there’s a chunk missing out of the bottom corner of the piece of slate?


That happened during our wedding ceremony. We had our wedding ceremony out in the forest, and right in the middle of my vows, a black walnut fell out of the sky, and landed on this piece of slate, which was holding our marriage license. It left a stamp mark on the witness line. So every time I see that little missing corner, I remember how blessed our wedding day was. Which, seriously, was so very blessed and happy.

blurred certificate

On Stress Relief: The Benefits of Crying


K on treeSo, if you remember, I mentioned in my first post that I would be finishing up my MBA. Well, I finished in the last week! I am finally done with school and now have my MBA. It is excellent news! I will finally have free time, though for the next few weeks it’s going to be pretty much focused on moving, since I’m doing that in three weeks. But, whew, such a load off my shoulders!

After school was done, I felt very happy and relieved and started noticing happy things. After class was over we went out to sushi, where our best friend met us after she got off work. She also finished her grad program this week, though hers was in social policy. We had a tasty cocktail called a Pom Pop, which was sparkling wine with pomegranate juice. It came in a champagne glass and seemed very festive.

The next day, I realized my phone battery was completely dead. I didn’t even get to enjoy my first evening off because I had to go to the phone store to get a new battery. >whine<. But on the way home, I saw something nice. A man dropped a $20 bill, and another man, who was clearly poorer than the first, tapped him on the shoulder and let him know that he dropped his money. Honest people are the best.

So, about stress. Everyone reacts differently. Some people eat when they’re stressed. Some people sleep when they’re stressed. Some people watch tv when they’re stressed. I start running on adrenaline and lose my appetite. It’s completely not healthy. So when I was at the lady doctor this week and learned that I’ve lost 8 pounds in the last 2 months, I realized I must have been a lot more stressed than I thought I was with finishing up school. So, that meant it was time to get the stress out. I told my family that I needed to start eating again, so they started pushing me to eat. Then Saturday night after I’d eaten only half my dinner and wasn’t hungry anymore, they told me I needed to keep eating, and I started to cry. I bawled for about 2 hours to let the stress out. I didn’t even really feel sad, but I couldn’t stop the sobbing. S was nice enough to massage my feet, and the Artist held me while I cried. When I eventually calmed down, I felt a lot better. I think there might be some more stress releases to go, but that was exactly what I needed. I feel much more like myself today, and am even starving. Hopefully that weight will come back soon.

What happens to you guys when you get stressed? And what pulls you out of it?