Equinox! Delicious!

S on SnowdoniaThis weekend was the Autumnal Equinox. I’m a huge fan of recognizing the changing of the seasons, so I always decorate for them.

Just like seemingly everyone else, I love fall! It’s not my favorite season, but it’s just so wonderful in its own way. (My favorite season, for the record, is spring. There is just nothing better than watching daffodils spring up out of the ground.)

But fall is so wonderful with its seasonal foods and colors, how there is a distinct change in the air all of a sudden that makes being outside feel festive, as if there’s really life going on.

A very good friend of mine came to visit this weekend, and we decorated for autumn.


We hung autumnal flower garlands above the couch.


We put some flowers on a new table the Architect made (more details in a later post once it’s completely finished!), and I turned my sad, dead olive tree into regular, happy autumn tree losing its leaves.


Some autumn flowers in the kitchen.


And some leaves wrapped into the yarn wall art the Architect made in the entry.

And today, to celebrate the equinox, the Architect and I went to the roof to enjoy my favorite autumn cocktail, the Eenie Beanie Peartini. When I was a baby, my Dad used to call be “Eenie Beanie,” and so the Architect and I invented this drink to serve at our wedding. It’s autumnal and delicious, and reminds me of how much fun our wedding was.


Eenie Beanie Peartini

1 oz vodka

1.5 oz pear nectar

.5 oz ginger ale

vanilla bean

Mix together the vodka, pear nectar, and ginger ale in a glass of your preference.


Cut a slit into the vanilla bean, peel it open, and scrape the seeds inside into the glass. Stir.

vanilla bean


And them BAM! 



It’s delicious.





Table Surgery

K on tree


Hi there, everybody! I hope everything is going as well for you as it has for me. The Artist and I have been enjoying setting up our new home and learning about our new area. And one of the first things that needed to be addressed was our “dining room” table. If you don’t remember, it’s a coffee table we’re using as a dining room table for the time being. But it was sad and needed a lot of help. Exhibit A: crime against beauty.

Ugly table beforeThe Architect discovered this table along with a few matching side tables in one of his epic trash-picking wins. So when the Artist and I needed a temporary table, we took this one. But sadly, the move inflicted horrible wounds upon our poor table that required major restorative surgery so that it can go out in public without hiding its face from the horrified screams of children. 

So, the Artist and I went to the hardware store to choose an appropriate paint color. We wanted something that would coordinate with my favorite grass green rug and help brighten up that half of our apartment. After a little while debating, we settle on an awesome pale sea green. Luckily, since we only needed a little paint, we were able to get a sample jar of the paint for about $4. Hooray! 

The wound and its solutionSince the table is only temporary, we didn’t want to spend too much time sanding it before the paint job. I know! DIY BLASPHEMY!!! That paint won’t last forever. So what. We’re too cool to sand. We must be cut-rate plastic surgeons. 

At least we took the precaution of bandaging up the lower extremities so that they would not be damaged during the surgery. masking tape bandages

So, after the taping we took the table out to the porch for painting time. It took 3 coats to get the light green to cover the almost-black that the table was before. But after it was done, we were left with a beautiful table! I’m pleased with the results so far. We’ve even eaten off it a few times. If I were planning on using the table more permanently, I would definitely put some type of varnish on it. The highest sheen we could get in the paint sample was eggshell, so sliding plates around on the table is impossible.

Complete table!

Now I just have to decide if I should paint the legs too. Thoughts?


Tenth Anniversary and a Refashion

S on Snowdonia

Last weekend was my tenth anniversary with the Architect! We started dating way back when I was sixteen. And it’s just been the most wonderful decade! Difficult, for sure, especially considering we spent half of that time in a long distance relationship. But so many wonderful times together visiting each other on the weekends and figuring out adulthood.

We celebrated by going to Vermont. We had a really nice time and a lot of delicious food, but sadly, we only took two photographs the whole time, so I don’t get to give the play-by-play. Ah well. Here are the photos we did take.


Granite mineThis is a granite mine we went to see. It’s 600 feet deep. That crazy blue of the water is due to the suspended granite dust stirring around, it’s not toxic. But we just stood there staring into the deep.

Granite mine S


You might recognize that blue skirt from one of the refashion in this post. See, I really do wear them! Anyway, that’s the end of our photos from our trip to Vermont. I told you we didn’t do a very good job. But we were there to relax and enjoy our anniversary, and I’m actually pretty proud. We usually take a million photos on vacation, but this time it just didn’t occur to me.

So, in order to provide you guys with a post of substance, I have prepared a new refashion! The day I came back to work, one of my coworkers put a plastic bag full of clothes on my desk and told me her neighbor asked her to drop them off at the thrift store. Knowing I’m about the same size and in no way averse to wearing other people’s clothing castaways, she brought it to me to go through before she dropped it off at the thrift store. I only picked out two things–a plain long sleeve t-shirt and this:

black and white before


I was really interested in refashioning this. I simply can’t imagine why you would want to wear this shirt in real life or what occasion it would be appropriate for. So I was inspired to save it for the drapey fabric.

black and white during


First thing I did was make it a tank top by chopping the sleeves off and hemming it at the shoulder. I’ll admit I had a difficult time with this refashion. The fabric was difficult to handle and really didn’t want to do what I wanted it to do, so I ended up just putting it on and then pinning and tacking it in a few places to make it hang straight. I had wanted to take the sides in a little, but decided against it after fighting the sleeves so much.

black and white after topAnd I ended up with this top. I wore it out with the Architect to our favorite cocktail bar and had a grand old time. I really like the way the brightly colored skirt adds to the black and white, though I do think it would look better if the skirt were a bit shorter and pencil-ier.

But I wasn’t done! I still had those silly sleeves lying around. black and white after scarf

I made them into a scarf! It might come in handy now that the weather is in that confusing time where it can’t figure out whether or not autumn has come yet and half the time is chilly and half the time is blisteringly hot.

black and white after hoodAnd forgive the fuzzy photo, but the scarf can double as a hood! This will be very useful to me once it’s a bit colder. See, I have a very difficult time with hats. You may have noticed that I have a whole lot of hair, and that I nearly always wear that hair in a bun. Well, that bun gets in the way of nearly every hat. I have a few preferred solutions to that, like wool headbands, but I do like wrapping a scarf over my head most days. This will be handy for days that can’t decide whether my ears need to be covered or not. Scarf…hat….scarf…hat!





Our new place!

K on treeAfter having lived in our new apartment for a whole 2 weekends, it’s starting to feel like home!

Moving was a lot of work. My dad came up to help us. He, S. the Architect, and I packed up our rental truck. Then we said a tearful goodbye to S and the Architect and headed out to the Artist’s house. After a few more hours packing up the truck, we started driving in a nice caravan for the rest of the afternoon, slept at a hotel and kept driving on Sunday. We arrived at the new apartment Sunday afternoon, got our keys, and brought everything into the apartment in a record 2 hours!

Then, we just had to sort through boxes and start putting everything away. Luckily I had taken Monday off from work, so we spent all day Monday organizing. We dropped dad off at the airport early Tuesday morning, and then headed out to my work trip. Yes, I had a work trip the very first week we were in our new place. Luckily, the Artist wasn’t working, so he came along with me and went kayaking and hiking while I was at work, so we still got to spend our first week living together actually together and he got a little vacation. Makes me feel less like a jerk.

So, I bet you’re now itching to find out what our new apartment looks like! Well, luckily for you, I happen to have taken some (very bad) pictures!

Living roomThis picture is from the entryway, looking through the “dining room” into the living area/office (I put that in quotes because we don’t currently have a dining table. We have a coffee table that’s doing a great job as a stand-in until S and the Architect move in with us).

As you can see in the background, S and the Architect’s room is currently storage for boxes that have to go to work eventually. There’s an awesome vacation hat on the left from when the Artist and I went to see Natural Bridge, VA.

Also, there are sunglasses on the floor because I was tackled with cuddles when I got home from work this afternoon. The Artist is just the best!

Nautical kitchenNext we have the kitchen, which is just to the right of that shot above. The story here is that the Artist always loved nautical stuff because his family is from the beach, so he has always wanted a whole house decorated in a nautical theme. I always thought that was sort of tacky, so we compromised on the kitchen, the least tacky room for nautical features. Another funny thing about this is the comically-low chairs we are currently using instead of bar stools.

For some nautical details, check out this sign S and the Architect gave us as a housewarming gift! Plus the salt and pepper shakers I got the Artist as a birthday gift a few years ago. (CRABBIES!)crabbies

PlatesThen there are the plates that I got the Artist for his birthday a few years ago. Have you caught a pattern in my gift-giving? Yeah, we’ve been planning for a nautical kitchen for a LONG time.


KELP N SUCHThat bundle at the top are some awesome silver measuring spoons I got to go with the plates.

And then, there’s above the fridge. MORE OCEAN. We’re planning to also get a print of a panoramic the Artist took on a beach vacation for the big wall in front of the fridge.

Just a couple more photos of our bookshelves. Then you guys will know just what our place looks like!

Awesome built-in

Awesome not-built-in