YAY! What a great day!

K on treeToday, S got some amazing news! She got her dream job! She’s now working as the assistant to the event coordinators at a performing arts center! She’s been wanting to work in the performing arts for a few years and has finally gotten her opportunity! She’s starting early next month and I’m so proud of her!

Let’s take a moment to clap in congratulations for my incredibly smart sister. Yay! >clap! clap! clap!<

She’s very excited because she feels like our recent cross country move has turned out really well. The Artist and I have nearly been here for a year, and it’s time for us to find a new place to live. Though our apartment has been nice, we feel it’s a little small for our family, so we’re looking for a house we can rent. S has been doing a lot of that work because she likes doing research on real estate, and she’s found some really pretty ones. We’ll end up in a much nicer place when it’s all said and done.

In other news, I’m working on a new project that’s going to take months, but I’ve finally started and am very excited. Yay! The Artist made me some pretty text art, and I’ve started knitting a blanket with the text art on it. It’s gonna be awesome when it’s done! But I really haven’t gotten anywhere. It’s using lots and lots of yarn at the same time. I’ve only gotten started, and I’m already using 17 different “balls” at once! I put balls in quotes because mostly what I’m using are small amounts of yarn wrapped around clothespins. That helps keep it from getting too tangled. (Though of course it’s getting pretty tangled anyway).

Here’s a picture so you get a better idea:

Knits McGee!

Happy crafting!


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