How to Make a Skirt Guard So You Can Be a Pretty Bike Lady, Part 2

S on SnowdoniaAfter K got her awesome old bike, she asked me to make her a skirt guard so she could also be a pretty bike lady. And I was happy to oblige. I love making stuff!

In case you didn’t know, I’m really excited about K’s bike. Back when I first introduced you all to bluebird, I mentioned that I got her because I fondly remembered my mom’s beautiful blue bike with brown handlebars and saddle, and that bike is K’s new Ole Biddy.

The reason for the second tutorial here is that Ole Biddy’s rear rack is not shaped the same as Bluebird’s. For my skirt guard, I was able to attach the fabric directly to the ring on my rack that was designed to hold bungee cords. K’s new rack, as you can see below, had no such loop.

So clean and so fresh!At first, I was worried about how I could attach the skirt guard, but I found the perfect thing! We had these clip rings from college when K had made a tapestry into a curtain.

We decided that a burgundy skirt guard would look beautiful on Old Biddy to bring out her stripes. After holding up a bunch of things we had to her, we realized we needed a brown burgundy, not a purple burgundy, found the appropriate color in the Artist’s Pantone book, and headed out to the thrift store. We picked out a sheer burgundy tunic with embroidery and edging that we thought would go great with the 70’s styling of her bicycle. Here is the shirt with the clip rings:

shirt before

After playing around with the shirt, we decided that we wanted to use the embroidery along the top edge of the fender, so I cut straight up the back of the shirt.

back cut open

Then the sleeves were in the way, so I removed them as well.

sleeves removed

I sewed a few sets of snaps to the edges of the former neckline and made a new seam down the length of the sleeves, cutting off the back portion. This allowed the top part to attach to the bike:

front snaps

Next, I hooked that curtain ring onto the fender:

curtain ring

Then I pulled the extra fabric through the rings and pinned where it should end. I cut off the excess and hand sewed the fabric around the ring, being sure to tuck in the raw edges. And then I was done, and she went on a ride. And it was a fail.


As soon as she started riding, the fabric all bunched forward so that it didn’t cover the back portion of the wheel. That wouldn’t be helpful for a ride in a flowy skirt, so I added a couple more snaps to hold it down.

final snap

Skirt guards are the awesomest!



4 thoughts on “How to Make a Skirt Guard So You Can Be a Pretty Bike Lady, Part 2

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  2. Looks really pretty and feminine. And after reading cardhawlet’s comment, I had to look up Pantone – that is a new one for me. Learned something new today. ☺

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