Refashion Friday: White Tank Top

S on SnowdoniaWe’re going home to see our Mom and Dad this weekend for Father’s Day and my Dad’s birthday. So I’m busy packing and making the house clean. So I decided to do a quick refashion.

Not every refashion is about taking clothes and making them drastically different. Sometimes it’s just little tweaks to make them fit better in your wardrobe. That’s the case for this week’s tank top. I’ve had it for a long time and I’ve always liked it, but the length has always been a problem for me. Since when is it that tank tops are so long?

white tank top too long beforeI assume it’s made that way to be worn over leggings to yoga class or some such. However, I don’t really leave the house in leggings (dance pants sometimes, but this tank top is too long for them, too.) But it’s just too long to wear with a skirt, as you can see. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense considering my entire wardrobe is skirts and dresses. So far when I’ve worn it, I have basically just pulled the bottom up to where I’d like it, but it’s just got too many folds to look really nice:

white tank top scrunched before

A chop was in order.

chop!I folded it under, and I wanted the bottom to look like it was made that length, so I outfitted my sewing machine with my handy dandy walking foot and twin needle.

twin needle

And now I have a shirt that is a much better length for skirt wearing!

white tank top after

And thus completes this week’s terrible to wearable, completed in less than an hour.

white tank top before and after





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