Our Little Family FAQ: Groceries and Budgeting

S on SnowdoniaI figured I would continue on with the posts explaining our family dynamics and such with a post about budgeting and groceries. Our system is to split pretty much everything in half, and each couple deals with their own half.

Google docs is our friend. We have two family documents set up, one called “Shopping List” and one called “Who owes who what.” Anytime someone pays for something for the house, which is usually groceries, but also includes rent and other miscellany they add 50% to their column. We have one column for K and the Artist, and another column for the Architect and me. At the end of each month, we tally up what each couple owes the other, find the difference, and then pay up. The Architect and I pretty much always owe a big chunk of money to K and the Artist, because K pays the rent.

As for groceries, anytime someone uses the last of something, they add it to the Shopping List. Our cooking schedule is that the Artist cooks on Mondays, I cook on Tuesdays, the Architect cooks on Wednesdays, and K cooks on Thursdays. The weekends are usually eating out, cooking whatever we find in the kitchen, or eating leftovers. Each weekend, everyone decides what they are going to cook and puts the ingredients they need on the Shopping List. Then on Monday either the Artist or I goes shopping.

We have a chalkboard menu in the kitchen where we list whatever we’re cooking. It often has funny names, like stuffed baked potato extravaganza or whatever’s in the house pot pie.

Each couple deals with their own budgeting differently. It’s easier for the Architect and I, since we’re married and have joint banking. It means that we don’t ever owe each other money, which K and the Artist do sometimes. But on the other hand, K and the Artist have budgeting much easier because we have WAY MORE student loans that make a pretty big dent in our money.



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