Refashion Friday: Sun Cardigan

S on SnowdoniaI’m getting tan. Really tan. Here it is the end of May and I’m already as tan as I normally am at the end of the summer. I think there are a few reasons for this. One of them is that we’re further south, so the sun’s rays are more intense. And then I think it’s being outside more often, which is because of a mix of not having a job tying me to the indoors all day long and spending so much time on my bike.

So, something must be done to keep me from totally frying my skin. I’m not a huge fan of the “sunscreen every day” method, so I prefer the “wear clothes” method. Which I’ve done before with success by wearing a button-down cotton shirt if I know I will be outside a lot. It’s like carrying around portable shade! It’s the best. (Well, second only to sun hats.) But the only cotton button-down I have is yellow with flowers. While it’s cool, it doesn’t exactly go with all my outfits. I decided to refashion a sun cardigan that’s white so I can wear it with any of my dresses, and a crop length so that it doesn’t totally hide my other clothes. I  bought the perfect thing at the thrift store:

sun cardigan before

I don’t really get what’s going on with the shoulder seam being so far down, and (spoiler alert!) I didn’t do anything to fix that in this project. This shirt is too drapey and long for the sun cardigan of my dreams, and I would really prefer not to slip it over my head. The back had a little corset lacing detail:

before back

At first I thought I might open the back, removing the corset-lacing panel, and wear the shirt backward, but when I tried it on that way, it just looked really weird. So I cut straight down the front.

cut down the front

I opened it up and decided it would be good to give it a knot closure, so I cut off the bottom shaped to make ties.

bottom chopping

And then I hemmed the bottom and folded the front to hang how I liked and then stitched that down. Eh voila! A sun cardigan!

after front

I think the lace-up detailing is cuter now, and the drapeyness there can be a little wind vent on my bike.

after backThe end!

before and after



4 thoughts on “Refashion Friday: Sun Cardigan

  1. That is very stylish. I like it. I am envious. ☺
    I have blouses and shirts that I use for sun block but nothing this cool!

  2. I bet you find the long sleeves too hot in the summer. It looks cool though. I think you have been up north so long you forgot how HOT it gets. Welcome back to the south.

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