Our Little Family FAQ: Dating

K on treeI’m going to follow up on S’s post last week about our little family to discuss another part of our lives that people often ask about: dating.

People frequently wonder if we get enough time alone with our significant other to have a quality relationship. Then I hear people giving relationship advice saying “remember to date your spouse. Keep the romance alive.”

One of the great benefits of our living situation is the almost necessity to have dates. You want some time just the two of you–you have to plan it. This weekend was a good example. S and the Architect went off to visit his family for the weekend, so the Artist and I were left alone. That of course meant that we had to have an epic date day! Time alone is special!

There are major benefits to believing that time alone with each other is special, which means you appreciate it so much more when it happens. If you’re just alone all the time, you don’t have a reason to take advantage of the time.

So what did the Artist and I do on our epic date? We biked down to a park, had an awesome picnic, went to a hardware store and got some flowers, then rode back, went to the pool, went out for dinner, and played videogames. That’s what I call a day appreciating each other and your relationship.

bike date


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