Refashion Friday: Picnic Blanket Dress

S on SnowdoniaToday’s refashion came courtesy of one of my Mom’s Old Fashioned Fabulous Thrift Store Hauls. It’s a sundress that looks like a picnic blanket. I thought that made it particularly appropriate of a refashion to start the Memorial Day weekend. The Architect and I are going to go visit his parents.

This is actually not the first picnic blanket dress I have ever owned. When I was first getting into sewing as an adult back in college, I made myself a red gingham dress that I really, really loved. I wore it all the time, especially on the fourth of July. Or, you know, while rehearsing dance pieces on stage the day of a performance:

Picnic blanket dress frm scratch

However, the dress eventually had to go to the thrift store to make new friends because my ribs got bigger and I couldn’t breathe while wearing it anymore. It was a truly sad day.

But! Now I have a new picnic blanket dress. The only problem is that neckline is WAY LOW.

Picnic blanket dress beforeThere’s a refashioner on the case, though. So it’s not a problem at all. Step one: Remove the bust pieces:

bust removed

Step two: Switch their places and sew them together in the middle.

bust reconstituted

Step three: Reattach them to the top of the dress and call it a day!

Picnic blanket dress after

And thus concludes this week’s patriotic holiday-themed (why are picnic blankets supposed to be red plaid anyway?) picnic blanket dress refashion.

Picnic blanket before and after




3 thoughts on “Refashion Friday: Picnic Blanket Dress

  1. Definitely looking forward to your visit. Your refashioned dress will fit right in for a walk through the wildflowers. ☺
    Mom S

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