Refashion Friday: Plum Plaid dress

S on SnowdoniaMy refashion this week was another thing I bought at the thrift store that I liked, but really just didn’t fit. It was a size XL. No big deal, of course. I can take it in. It was pretty, plum colored, and casual, which is just the kind of thing I need more of in my wardrobe.

The size meant that the chest hung too low, so I had to pull in the drawstring too tightly, and then it was just kind of lumpy all over.

plum plaid before

So the first thing I needed to do was take up the straps to make the neckline a bit less low cut. Because of the way it was shaped, I couldn’t just take it up from the shoulders, so I had to bring the seam forward a bit.

take up shoulders


After I took that in, I realized I couldn’t just take it in the sides because then the armholes would be too small.

shoulder doesnt fit

So I removed the bias tape from the edges so I could reshape the armholes after taking in the sides. Which I then did. Then I used another dress to shape the new armholes. As I did so, I made the straps skinnier to hide the seam on the front, to try to make it look a bit less altered.

recutting arm holes

And then I reattached the bias tape.

reattaching bias tape


And then I was done! Great new casual summertime dress.

plum plaid after


And that concludes this week’s refashion!

before and after


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