Refashion Friday: Dip dyed skirt

S on SnowdoniaI went to the thrift store this week to do some shopping for some new clothes to refashion. I limited myself to things made of cotton because it turns out I don’t have the wardrobe for my new home. I’ve spent most of the last ten years living places where clothes that are warm enough are far more important than clothes that are cool enough. Which means that now I don’t have enough plain short sleeve tshirts or dresses that aren’t made out of synthetics. Sticky.

So, I went to buy some cotton things. While I was there, I found this cotton skirt that I really liked as it was. No fancy refashioning needed. Except that it was several sizes too big for me.


Not to fear! An extra six inches is nothing this refashioner can’t handle!

So I pinned some darts on the back. Which were too small, so I ended up taking it in again to make the darts even bigger.


And then I had a cute new skirt that, according to the Artist, looks like “something [I] would totally wear.”

blue skirt after

So that completes this week’s too big to wearable. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, though, does it?

blue skirt before and after


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