Refashion Friday: War of the Roses

S on SnowdoniaToday’s dress was pretty odd before. Well, it’s sort of odd still. The problem was the print. It’s sort of like a Rosy war between a Victorian print and a Wild Wild West one. I don’t really get it, honestly.

Anyway, I knew I had to refashion it because it had another problem besides the odd print theme.

This dress was a big, mean, boob-eating monster.


Oh where, oh where have my boobies gone? Oh where, oh where can they be?

Seriously before

I mean seriously.

Plus, that print. Do you see what I mean? Beige and black and lace and roses and other kinds of flowers and sorta kinda damask and I just don’t even know what this is supposed to be. Oh well.

First thing I thought I would do is turn that bodice into a waistband and do this the easy way. Sadly, that wasn’t even slightly flattering:


So, time to bring out the big guns. So I took off that top bodice piece and got out another dress to help me with shaping this one.


I stitched the sides. Then, I got out a spare piece of black fabric I had laying around and sewed it to the top and make it into arms. Sadly, I forgot to photo document this whole part, so you’ll just have to see what I mean in the after picture.

After I got the exterior looking nice, I took the lining piece (essential, since this odd fabric is totally sheer) and made it lady shaped.


I cheated a little on that part–you’re supposed to do the shaping on both sides, but I only did it on the one. I sewed the lining into the inside of the dress, and that was it!


I put it on with a belt because I thought maybe a border would help with the flower-factions. I think it helped.


The end!

before and after


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