Epic Friday, Easter Sunday and a real-life Planet Earth

S on SnowdoniaI mentioned on Friday that we had Epic Friday. Since K and the Architect were off work for Good Friday, we all had the day off and decided to do all kinds of fun things. We were going to go swimming in our apartment swimming pool, but the weather ended up being cool and cloudy, so we skipped that part. We wanted to go on a long bike ride. The only problem, of course, is that only two of the four of us have bikes.

Well, that turned out to be not a problem at all. Our city is one of the many to have recently started up a bike-share system, and there happens to be a rental station just a few blocks from our house, and several others all up and down the greenway where we were going to ride. It was important that we go along the greenway for the stations because the way the bikeshares are set up, you pay a daily fee of $8, and then any time you have the bike checked out for 30 minutes or less doesn’t cost any more. But you have to pay extra if you keep a bike checked out for more than half an hour, so we had to stop and check them out and back in again a few times. Here’s K re-checking out her bike:

bike share check out

It would have been better if we could have kept the bikes out for an hour. Then we could have ridden to our picnic site, left the bikes in the racks, and then re-checked them out to head home without having to make a stop in between. But it was a lot of fun anyway. We had a picnic next to a lake. It was just peanut butter and jelly and some trail mix, but it was delicious after the ride.


As soon as we pulled the bread out, the geese that live on the lake noticed, and all made a beeline straight for us. But they turned away again pretty quickly when we didn’t feed them.

attack of the geese


Then we rode home and had a nice time. We stopped and looked at some public art.

bike share

public art

After we got home, we took a little nap and then went out with a couple of friends for some beer. After the beer, we came home and played some Dynasty Warriors, which is our favorite video game. It has pretty extreme sexual dimorphism. By which I mean the men are mostly these huge hulking masses of muscle and women are all super tiny with high voices.


And then some more friends came over and we played an awesome board game called Quelf. It’s got a bunch of fun rules if you get the right card. Like every time someone drew a card, the Architect had to clap his hands and wave them around and say “Abracadabra!” I had to mime being stuck in a tree with five lobsters. It was a lot of fun.

Easter came around and we decided to have fancy food day. For brunch, we had mimosas and asparagus mushroom eggs benedict. Yum!


And then for dinner, we had a salad, some fresh sage and almond Easter pasta shaped like eggs and bunnies, and some yummy toast from a local bakery.

easter dinner

And that was it!

I have another story I’d like to share. I was riding on the Greenway yesterday, and I saw a tiny baby duckling. I stopped to watch it, and as I did I realized there were no adult ducks or other ducklings nearby. This duckling was lonely and had gotten stuck without his family. He couldn’t keep up with the current, and was panicking trying to get away. And then a hawk flew up and dove for the duckling. The duckling ducked under the water and the hawk stopped on a branch, then tried again. It missed again. So it sat on the branch and waited until the duckling was under the shadow of a tree and then then caught him. It was like real life Planet Earth.


4 thoughts on “Epic Friday, Easter Sunday and a real-life Planet Earth

  1. How sad about the duck. My empathy is oozing right now. On a lighter side, I see you are wearing pants….What? Happy Good Friday an Happy Easter.

    • Yeah, I was wearing pants. It was chilly and a little drizzly and so I decided it was easier for a day of bike riding.

      I actually thought it was kind of nice of the hawk to take away the duck. The poor thing was going to starve to death otherwise. The hawk ended it quicker. I did feel really sad for the ducky having gotten separated from its family, though. Baby ducks need their mamas.

  2. What a great way to spend an Epic Friday. You are so fortunate to live in such a bike friendly city. It is definitely the way to see a place.

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