Refashion Friday: Reflective Vest

S on SnowdoniaOk, so I’m going to go ahead and warn you that the after on this one isn’t super fashionable. That’s because this week’s garment is a reflective vest, which are items that are simply incapable of being super cute looking.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am intending to ride my awesome new bike to my dance rehearsals whenever I can. But most of my dance rehearsals end after dark, which means I will be doing some night riding. Now, while there are quite a few bike lanes around here, that doesn’t mean that there are all that many people who actually bike after dark on a regular basis, which means drivers aren’t exactly used to looking for us. And I want to be safe (not that cars are really that safe to be around even if you’re in another car, but still, it’s definitely more vulnerable to be on a bike). I have some lights for my bike for after dark use, and I also plan to wear a reflective vest.

I bought this reflective vest at Target, but it’s just TOO hideous and dorky looking for me to ever wear it out of the house, ever. Plus, I’d really rather not pull it over my head awkwardly. Without further ado, here it is:

reflective vest beforeWow. So square. In every possible meaning of square. Makes me feel about as cool as my apartment complex, who actually hung up this sign:

dorky apartmentBegging for attention and totally square? Yep, that’s this reflective vest for sure. (P.S. don’t hip squared and the square root of hip cancel each other out and make this joke totally lame?)

So, I set to making it at least kind of shaped like a human being. First thing I did was remove the ugly side ties that made it one size fits all.

side tiesFortunately, those side ties were made out of bias tape, which came in very, very handy. So I picked out the seams to open up the tape.

bias tapeNext, I sewed the sides together. The size of the vest was about right for me to just close the sides. If you were bigger than me, you could easily just insert some fabric of your choice in between the bias tape instead.

attaching sidesThen I cut straight down the front and attached the bias tape to the new raw edges.

attaching bias tapeThen, I used the zipper out of this baby jacket I got at the local thrift store for a dollar, and inserted it into the front of the vest.

baby vest for zipperAnd finally, I added a little dart to the shoulders to make them lay a little nicer. And I had my totally dorky but potentially life-saving and absolutely not at all square vest finished.

reflective vest afterI thought about fixing the sides so they kind of hug my hips, but then I decided not to because I will sometimes  be wearing this over a coat or jacket, so there has to be room. The end!

before and after







3 thoughts on “Refashion Friday: Reflective Vest

  1. So many thoughts ran through my mind as I read this post. First I thought of your dad. All the math and such…… I love the vest. It reminds me of the one I made for my motorcycle. Yours is probably easier to see than mine, since I only have reflective material on the seams. Love it.

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