Refashion Friday: Blue polka dot dress

S on SnowdoniaThis week’s refashion is another one from the pile of clothes K asked me to update a little for her. So it didn’t start out bad at all, really. In this case, it was a dress that she really liked a lot, but the color had faded a smidge and the straps had stretched out some over time, so it no longer fit super flatteringly. It was just a bit too low cut and the empire waistline was in sort of an in-between land between just under the bust and the waist.  But it was a supremely quick and easy refashion.

blue polka dotsThe first thing I did was to dye it light blue to hide the fading. Plus, I thought it would look pretty to have a little less contrast between the white dots and the dark blue background.

And then I took in the straps a couple of inches.

blue polka dots duringAnd that was it! The whole thing took about 3 hours from start to finish because of the dying process (which includes letting it sit for an hour and then washing and drying it in the laundry machines), but that included fewer than 30 minutes of working or concentrating on anything. Taking the straps up took 10 minutes. It’s got to be the quickest and easiest of the refashions I’ve done to date.

blue polka dots afterK looks pretty cute in it, doesn’t she? I have the best sister.

And that concludes this week’s refashion. I won’t call it terrible to wearable, since it wasn’t even close to terrible to start out with. But I think it’s much more wearable now.

blue polka dots before and after


One thought on “Refashion Friday: Blue polka dot dress

  1. Thanks for your photos of the dress re-fashion! I am just getting into some re-fashioning on my own with not a lot of experience and actually googled something like “refashioning dress that is too low”. The hilarious thing is the dress I have is the exact Merona dress from a few seasons ago! I have this blue one and the brown polkadot one as well. I really loved the dresses but they have stretched out and become way too low. I wasn’t sure if pulling in the straps would be quite enough but it looks great, so I am off to do it now! Thanks!!!

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