I said no haterating

K on treeThe Artist and I like to hang out. Really, hanging out with each other is quite a lot of fun. We’re both sort of artistic and like to make things.

So, when I took off for Valentine’s Day to spend the day with him (we’ve made it a tradition to take off Valentine’s Day to be together), we decided we’d have a really awesome time together. We planned to go to the art museums in town, but unfortunately there had been a snowstorm and everything was closed 😦

So instead we walked to a neighborhood coffee shop and drank some coffee while playing Zombie Flux, which is totally a fun game. Then I got a great idea. We would make art together!

We went to the thrift store and bought this really bad piece of art.


Ok, so it’s maybe not the WORST art, but it’s pretty bad. However, we thought it would be a great canvas for an art project we’ve been planning on doing for a while.

First step: take it home, wash the frame and the painting and get started painting over the sun-bleached mat.


While I was doing this, the Artist was working diligently on his computer making the design for our art. The plan was for him to make a vinyl decal in the shape of his design. Luckily, he has a vinyl cutter, so this was made fairly straightforward. Without such a tool, you’d be limited to the many awesome decals for sale on etsy and elsewhere on the internet.

So, once the decal was cut, we just had to lay it out on the artwork. Easy enough.

Laying decals

The Artist only had a little bit of brown vinyl left, so we used it up and finished with black. Once the decal was in place, we just painted over the whole thing with some paint that goes with our decor.


Then we just peeled off the decal. In some places we had to use an exacto knife to peel off the letters.


And then we were left with this awesome piece of art! When it gets warmer outside we’re going to spray paint over the frame, which is just such an awful shade of gold. We’re going to paint it chrome, which will go better with our decor.

Awesome love art!



3 thoughts on “I said no haterating

  1. I love how you coordinate the photographs with the work. When the artist is holding the original painting outside in the snow, the painting goes with it–it appears to be a cold wintery storm. Then K wears a blouse where the colors go with the colors of the artwork. The wording and final art is terrific. Cannot wait to see all these changes in person.

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