Refashion Friday: Red Houndstooth Jacket

S on SnowdoniaHello, friends! I was getting all excited about doing a spring refashion this week, but the weather decided to get cold again, so I figured I’d go ahead with this red houndstooth jacket before it got too warm to wear it for another eight or nine months.

Like last week’s, this one was not too terrible to start out with (or maybe that Valentine’s day dress has forever skewed my idea of what a terrible outfit looks like), but there’s something a little dowdy about the way the black velvet collar hangs, and it’s just a bit too big. But the fabric feels cozy, and I think it would be nice to wear when the weather is just a wee bit chilly.

red houndstooth beforeSo the first thing I wanted to do was fix the fit. I determined by pinching at it while looking at the mirror that I basically needed to make the underside of the sleeves longer, and take in the sides a corresponding amount. So I did that:

red houndstooth sleeve and side pinningAfter that, I had to fix the sleeves’ length. They seem to have been made to fold up and reveal a black velvet cuff, but that’s just a little prissy or something for me, so I decided to use the houndstooth outside. So I needed to take them up two inches. That was easy, I just folded them back one inch and sewed along the edge of the black velvet lining so as to keep the little notch design.

red houndstooth sleeve shorteningAnd then, to fix the collar problem, I added another button and buttonhole in a place that will make it hang more like a modern cowl than the big open collar folds. It was my first ever actual buttonhole, and I’m quite proud of how it turned out! The fabric will fold over the button, so I just used a black button I happened to have, even though it doesn’t match the other buttons.

red houndstooth new button

And,  the end! This one wasn’t really all that much work at all. But the payoff was pretty great.

red houndstooth after

And, that concludes this week’s issue of (sorta kinda) terrible to (absolutely) wearable!

red houndstooth bbefore and after


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