I got recognized

S on SnowdoniaEver since we moved here three months ago, I’ve been dancing up a storm. I am teaching a ballet class once a week, and I’m performing with two dance companies. I’m going to have 12 performances in April alone. It’s very exciting, and a little overwhelming, given that it is way more dancing than I ever did before.

The Architect and I went walking this weekend to some shops kind of near our house, and we wandered into a men’s fashion store. We browsed around, and then the shop guy asked me if I’m in one of the dance companies I’m working with.

It was very flattering. And strange, considering I haven’t actually performed with them yet, but I did go to one of their events and talk up a storm.

I’ve never been recognized by a stranger for my dancing before. It was very strange.

In other news, the Architect and I made a pretty major purchase that I’m SO EXCITED BY I can’t even say. I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning the other day reading all about it after we bought them. But the store had to order them, and they won’t be here for a couple of weeks, so you guys will just have to wait in anticipation before they come and I can show you pictures. Squee!


One thought on “I got recognized

  1. Wow, I thought you were going to say you were recognized for your refashions. Lol. Congrats on being recognized for your beautiful dancing. As for the purchase….ummm you said they, (so it more than one). I am guessing earrings. D will look good in whatever he wears, just not yellow.

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