Refashion Friday: Little Black Dress

S on SnowdoniaNot everything in my to-be-refashioned pile is something hideous that I bought from the thrift store.

Case in point: this week’s refashion is from a pile of K’s clothes. She had some clothes she was bored of that she asked me to try to renew. This week’s was something that wasn’t bad at all, it was just a little boring. A little black cotton dress, and I had a perfect idea for how to spruce it up without having to work too hard on it.

LBD beforeYou see, after I finished the couch pillows, I had some scraps left over of that lovely silk. Most interestingly, I had the pockets.

pillow pockets

I decided to make those into a cute little collar for this little black dress. First I ironed them, then I pinned them to the top of the dress so they would look nice.

LBD collar pinning

I sewed them to the inside of the fabric so that they would fold over naturally.

collar stitched to inside

And that was pretty much it. Like I said, quick and easy.

LBD after collarOnly thing is, I didn’t really like the way the dress fit around the waist. It’s okay, but not the most flattering ever. So I decided to make a removable belt out of the rest of the scraps. I cut all the rest of the scraps into strips about 1″ wide, and then sewed them end to end to make a scrappy ribbon:

ribbonThen I twisted the ribbon into a rope braid and tied it around the waist of the dress. And that’s version 2 finished!

LBD with beltThe end!

LBD before and after


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