Refashion Friday: House Dress

S on SnowdoniaThis week’s refashion isn’t too exciting of a garment. I know a lot of people these days don’t wear house dresses, but I wear them all the time. They are so easy to slip on whenever, and I guess it’s part of my not wearing pants thing.

Anyway, I got this house dress as a birthday present from my mother, and I had it hanging on a hook on the back of my bedroom door so I can throw it on anytime I just need something to wear to leave my bedroom. But It was kind of blah. Certainly not the most terrible thing I’ve ever refashioned, but just generally boring. The white wasn’t quite white, and I really prefer to wear colors.

Housedress beforeAlso, please excuse the awkward mirror selfie. I was home alone when I realized on a whim that I needed to change the color of this housedress. At first, that was all I was going to do to it. I put it in an orange bath, and this is how it came out:

housedress dyedAs you can see, it came out pink, not orange. Ah well. This is why I should have bought real dye instead of cheap dye. But for some reason or other, that second stripe from the bottom came out WAY different from the rest of the dress. It’s pale orange, not bright pink. So, my idea to limit this refashion to dyeing was thwarted. (PS, do you like my “this is a housedress which means I wear it to nap in” pose?)

So I took out my handy-dandy seam ripper and took off the bottom two layers of the dress. Thankfully, the bottom edge was serged, so I didn’t have to hem it. I did have to hem the lining so it didn’t peek out the bottom.

And then, time to address problem two: the bosom area of this dress was WAY too big for me. I kept noticing while I was wearing it on the couch that if I looked down, I was flashing myself. Something had to be done.

housedress bosom pinningThe first thing I did was to cross the wrap part at the front a bit further and tack it shut as pinned in this picture.

That wasn’t enough to fix the problem of an entirely sagging chest area meant for someone with a bra size three times mine. So, I took the dress up in the shoulders.

housedress shoulder pinning 1

At this point, I had these weird pointy scary sleeves:

pointy sleevesSo I folded them under and sewed around to make them more like a regular cap sleeve.

housedress sleeves pinning 2

And then I brought the skirt in a bit to make it slightly less full:

housedress skirt pinningAnd voila: A much improved, much cuter house dress fit for leaving the house.

housedress afterHooray! Cozy and fitting.

housedress before and after







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