Refashion Friday: Green Space Dress

S on SnowdoniaThis week’s Refashion Friday is a little late because I had a date with my husband. We went to see a showing of The Fountainhead. He felt like he should see it because people are always mentioning it when he says he’s an architect. We’ve never seen it because we don’t like Ayn Rand.  I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like her, but this movie was AWFUL. Almost every line was some kind of ideological diatribe. Gross.

Anyway, I wore my newest refashion, which started out as this weird green space dress:

IMG_20140107_223143Yikes. It looks like I’m going to live on a space colony or turn into a superhero or something. So I had other plans for it.

Fortunately, it was originally kind of expensive, so it was fully lined, which gave me all kinds of freedom and extra fabric. And this ended up being a no waste refashion. But also kind of complicated, since this wasn’t really just a matter of changing the fit.

First thing I did was to take out most of the seams:

piecesAs you can see, I took the lining out, separated the bodice from the skirt, removed those awful straps, took out the zipper, and took some of the piping out of the bodice. I did that because I am going to turn the bodice kind of sideways and the piping from the middle stripe didn’t go all the way around the back, so if I left it, it would have just ended in a weird spot on the front.

The next thing I did was to sew the bodice back together and hem the edges that I’d had to undo to remove the lining. Then, I pinned along the bodice to change its shape since I decided to make it the waist section instead of the bust.

bodice2I sewed along that line. Then I fudged around a bit until I made it fit nice.

Now, I didn’t have the bodice. I decided to make the lining bodice into the new bodice so that I didn’t have to make a whole new one. So I sewed that to the new waist section.

bodice and waistAs you can see, I changed the circle and half circle into a kind of chain. As you can also see, my edges don’t line up since I’m rotating the decorations.

After that point, I forgot to take pictures. Once I got that attached, I attached the skirt. I took the original skirt and attached it to the bodice starting from the circle part, and left it open under the yellow half circle.

Then I took the lining skirt and folded it until I liked how it laid and sewed it on and attached it to the rest of the skirt. Finally, I cut down the side and then put the zipper back in and attached the straps. And then when I was done, it looked a little funny because of the seam down the front that used to be on the side. So I decided to wear the dress with a jacket, and then it looked awesome and kind of twenties-ish.

photo (4)I wore it out on my date to The Fountainhead showing at an art museum. Here’s me drinking some beer in front of an Andy Warhol, which is slightly more influential than our wonderful art that I’m always posing in front of. (Did I ever tell you guys about that piece? The Architect and I commissioned it from Kyle Fisher, an artist whose work the Architect has admired since he first laid eyes on it. We simply adore it. It looked a bit better in our old apartment where it was on a big giant brick wall. But I think it also looks awesome here, where it fits so well on that wall between our bedroom and bathroom that it looks like it was made for it.)



And that completes this week’s group of Terrible to Wearable! This isn’t one of my favorite ever, but it’s now something that I will wear sometimes, whereas before it just made me laugh at it. So I think this refashion went to infinity and beyond!

Green Dress






4 thoughts on “Refashion Friday: Green Space Dress

    • Every other line was either a villain character saying something like, “Your ideas are too good. Don’t you see, you have to do the same thing as everyone else to be successful! You’re going to be a failure” or a main character saying something like “But I have my ideas and I will never water them down because I’m a genius.” In the first scene of the movie, he gets kicked out of architecture school because his ideas are too interesting. Like that would ever happen in real life.

      Also, the main character blows up a building he designed because some other architects added things that ruined it, and his trial hinged didn’t hinged on whether he blew it up or not. It hinged on whether a man has a right to his own ideas or whether things should be done by committee. He was found not guilty even though he admitted to blowing up the building. That’s just dumb.

      Also there was a woman behind us who just kept saying, “So Fifties!” every other second.

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