Refashion Friday: Flannel Edition

S on SnowdoniaI’m feeling very slightly less sick today, so I decided to go ahead with a refashion, but I did a nice simple one that I could do while watching tv and relaxing. So I decided to do this flannel nightshirt I got for Christmas. It came in a set of pajamas my mother got for me, but she accidentally bought a medium for me instead of an extra-small like she got for K. So it didn’t fit at all. I gave the pants to the Architect, who likes to wear flannel pajama pants, but I kept the top.

IMG_20140107_222943As you can see, it doesn’t fit. But, lucky for it, flannel tops are in style just at the moment.

First I laid it down on the floor with a shirt that fits nicely sitting on top of it, and pinned the sides.

layered shirtsThe way the sleeves lay on the two shirts was quite different, so I kind of had to fudge it after I’d pinned the sleeves by turning the flowery shirt.


Then, I just sewed along the pins and cut off the excess. I don’t have a serger, so I fudged it by zig-zagging back and forth a couple of times.


And then I hemmed the sleeves and the bottom, and for funsies, I moved the pocket downward. And voila! Now I can look cute and flannely and hipstery.

Before and After

Plus BONUS flannel Artist:





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