Couch pillows, part 1

S on SnowdoniaI’m splitting this couch pillow project into two posts because I have a mad cold right now, and I just want to sleep instead of sewing throw pillows. You will have to forgive me.

Anyway, something has been bothering me about our living room, which is that it is much too brown/ beige. “But everything in your house is so colorful; how can this be!?” I know that’s what you’re thinking right now. I’m psychic.

But, our couches are brown, the carpet that came with the apartment is beige, the walls our beige, our throw pillows are all beige, the coffee table is wood, the shades that came with the apartment are brown…you get the picture. Here, allow me to demonstrate with two before pictures. You can see that if you are actually sitting on the couch, you don’t get any color. There is color in the room behind the couch, as you can see in this picture:

Couch wall before

But here is the view if you are actually sitting on the couch, which is actually something we do sometimes, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a whole room decorated around the view of the couch.

short couch beforeSee? Brown, brown, brown, brown, and more brown.

We’ve hated our throw pillows since we got our couches. They came with the couches, and are just the most boring. That striped pillow is actually a sham that used to live in my bedroom, but came out to the living room just to get some kind of color in there. Our couches actually originally also came with four more throw pillows (because apparently there are supposed to be so many pillows on a couch that you can’t actually sit there?). Those four pillows were even uglier because they had GIRAFFE PRINT on them. Like, the splotches on the skin of a giraffe. Apparently we want our upholstery to look like we went on safari and killed endangered species to get it. So those went to the thrift store.

But, back to the pillow project. We’re starting out with that striped one. The color just wasn’t vibrant enough to combat that much brown, so away goes the sham, and hello comes this size 22 blouse acquired at the local thrift store.

tee shirt beforeThe pillow was 22″ across, so we had to shop in the larger sizes for something that would go with the pillow. This shirt was a clear winner because we liked the ruffles and the color goes with the little purple frame on the wall behind the couch. This pillow will now live on the couch under the wall, so we wanted it to look pretty with the art. Now, all I had to do was make the shirt into a pillow.

First step, close the neckline at the first place I could get 20″ across. It would have been better if this was underneath the armpits, but the shirt was too short for that, so our pillow will have arms. (just kidding. My sicky brain is now picturing a project that is actually a pillow with arms that will hug you while you are watching tv, until you watch a scary movie because the pillow hates scary movies, and then it brandishes a fork at you that it stole off the plate of food that you forgot you were eating because the movie was too scary.)

closing the neckline

Pin and sew!

Next step, pin down the sides, and sew. This picture makes it look like the pins aren’t straight but I promise those are two straight lines 20″ apart.

pinning the sidesI decided not to cut off the excess on this project because I am sick and lazy, and also because the ruffles will hide a multitude of sins. So when I put the pillow in my new pillowcase, I just folded all the excess so it would lay flat, and then hand stitched the bottom. That didn’t photograph well at all, so you just have to trust me.

And now there’s slightly more color in our living room!

AfterStay tuned next time for the exciting conclusion! That brown pillow in the foreground of this picture will be brown no longer!)


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