Refashion Friday: 90s Blue Silk Jacket

S on SnowdoniaHey everybody! I’m sure you’ve heard or guessed that I’m unemployed since we moved to our new place a month and a half ago. Ah, well. That’s life. The Architect is already employed as an architect, so I consider that a win for team EggHaus!

Do you like that new term I coined? It’s an architectural reference to the Bauhaus style, and one of the Architect’s favorite craftsmen, Farmhaus Modern.

Anyway, unemployment leaves me bored at the EggHaus quite often. So I have decided to do something about my unemployment boredom and start doing a refashion every week, to be posted on Fridays.

This week’s refashion started out as a hopelessly out of date blue silk jacket.

90s blue jacketOh, my! People used to wear these things to work in offices! It’s got these weird buckles on the shoulders, it’s WAY too long for a proper blazer of the twenty first century, those flaps on the pockets are just awful, and the fit is terrible. Which made it the perfect candidate for a refashion. I simply had to refashion it to prove to myself I could fix something that needed this much work. Plus, it’s 100% silk, which makes it luxury.

I spent ALL DAY on this, you guys. It needed a lot of work. First, I removed the sleeves and took in the sides. Then I looked at it and researched vest styles and thought about it. I shortened it (A LOT. Over a foot), closed up the open armholes, and adjusted the fit. Finally, I took off those odd shoulder buckles that didn’t like to stay closed (if you look closely in the before picture, you can see that the one on the right is unbuckled and the one on the left is buckled. I couldn’t even get them to stay closed to take a before picture.)

And voila!

blue silk vestOne of my most improved refashions to date, if I do say so myself!

Blue silk before and after


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