Knitting is fun! I get to do lots of it on vacation!

K on treeI had a great time for my Christmas break. I went to the Artist’s parents’ home to spend the holiday, which was very relaxing since they are all extremely cool people. We had Christmas, hung out, drank beer and generally enjoyed ourselves.  It is great to spend time relaxing and unwinding occasionally.

This was my 3rd Christmas at the Artist’s parents, and the third time I got to participate in a very fun tradition. Each year, we get to open one present on Christmas Eve. Wanna see the picture of all our gifts this year? I promise it’s worth it.

Matching jammies

Yes, that’s right. Every year we all get matching jammies. And of course, we all wear them and get comfy.

So I had a good Christmas. And having all that time off gave me a good opportunity to get some knitting done, which I hadn’t done recently. So, let me show you what I’ve made lately. First up, my very first crochet project, which was an afghan for the Artist’s parents for Christmas. I had been working on it since January, but only finally got done with it.


It was a design I made up, but I must admit to having been inspired by a knitting blog I used to read, but I don’t remember which because Google Reader disappeared, and I was in grad school and decided not to get another reader at the time because I was too busy. Anyway, it’s just 6 granny squares. The big one has 3 colors, and then I just used 2 each for the smaller squares. I like that it’s asymmetrical.

cherries in chocolate

Over Christmas, I finished this shawl. I used an older yarn I had on hand for the red, but ran out before the end, which is why it’s a little asymmetrical, but in a much worse way than the blanket. I’m not too happy with it, but that’s alright because the colors are pretty. The pattern is Light in Shadows. The brown yarn is Malabrigo Sock in Chocolate Amargo, and the red is Dragonfly Fibers Sock in Lipstick.



When I finished that, I had some yarn leftover, so I whipped up this cowl for the Artist while I was at it. And lucky I got it done, because it has been FREEZING out lately.



One of the gifts I got for Christmas was a knitting kit called the “Knit Wit Kit.” It included some bamboo needles, a gorgeous yarn bowl, a ball of yarn and a pattern for a cabled headband. I decided to make the headband for the Artist’s sister, who I thought would like it. So I whipped that up too.

Like I said, lots of time for knitting. 🙂


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