K on treeThis weekend, S and I celebrated our Twinversary!

I know, I know, you weirdo singletons don’t know what a Twinversary is. I’ll let you in on the secret. It’s our birthday. Otherwise known as the anniversary of our lives as twins officially beginning. The day we became soul mates instead of a single soul. When we turned 25, we called it our Sipperversary and gave each other silver gifts.

I’ll let you guys in on another secret. The nickname S and I call each other is “Sipper” which derived somehow or another from sister. So for our “Silver Sipperversary” I gave S a “silver sipper” which was in reality a sterling silver drinking straw, which I had engraved with “sipper.” Oh yeah. I was clever that year.

But THIS YEAR, S totally beat me out on gifts. Like, completely and utterly.

You know how she’s been doing the clothing refashioning lately? She did the most epic refashion ever for my birthday.

Backstory: Our wonderful grandmother passed away in January of this year. She was a very frugal woman, having reached adulthood during the depression. (She was born in 1919). As long as I can remember, she has had the same dress that she wore to all fancy occasions. I remember her wearing it to weddings, baby showers and birthday parties. She even wore it to our high school graduation. Here’s a picture of her, S and I at our high school graduation. graduation

When Grandma passed away, I inherited her dress. Unfortunately, it was too big for me to wear. So my birthday present for S was for her to refashion the dress into something I could wear. In the spirit of our grandmother’s taste for keeping things and keeping them useful, I can only expect she would have been happy for her dress to be used.

And now, I know you all want to see what I look like in the dress. Here’s a pic S snapped on our birthday.

Birthday dress


Enjoy the holidays! And let us know how you’re making gifts and remembering your family during the holidays.


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