A Vacation Decorating Project & Firefighting

K on treeWhile S and the Architect are driving across country with a stop in the middle at the Architect’s brother’s house for Thanksgiving, the Artist and I came back to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. It’s always fun to come back home, and has been particularly exciting this time. Not only do we get to spend a whole week with my family, we have gotten to do some pretty awesome stuff. And eat lobster. Yummmm……

My parents have lived in the same house since i was in middle school, and have been remodeling their kitchen lately, but we hadn’t seen it or any pictures of what the actual kitchen looks like. We kept getting intriguing hints, like photos of countertops, or questions about which type of sink would look better, but no pictures of the whole thing. So when the Artist and I got here on Saturday, the first thing we did was go into the kitchen to see. And man, is it looking beautiful, even though it is a work in progress. Check out this counter and backsplash they put in!

O.M.G. That backsplash!That picture was for the backsplash. I am completely in love. It is white, but the bluish color of the glass shows through, and it just looks so clean and modern. It is amazing. Here is a picture from farther away, but the backsplash is washed out, which is why I didn’t show this one first. Because look at that backsplash again. Swoon.

Counters!The next thing I did after falling in love with the counters and backsplash was turn around to see that the rest of the kitchen was unchanged. It was still the same paint and wallpaper trim as when I was in middle school. Which, while not bad, did not go with the awesome new backsplash.

Before(The paint chips in the corner are anachronistic. I took this picture after we started on the project.) I thought we could paint the walls to bring out the beautiful icy blue undertones in the backsplash (my heart is all twitterpated over that backsplash). So we washed down the walls, took off the wallpaper and painted the trim bright white.

Big difference alreadyIn process. But looking goooooood. Painting the trim made a big difference. As a side story, my parents got that money tree when S and I were born. It’s been around a while.

Then we got to painting the walls in the colors they were meant to be.

Corner corner corner cornerYeah, icy blue! The top is Benjamin Moore Sea Foam and the bottom is Spectra Blue. The reason for posting late and it not being done is that when we were painting with the Sea Foam it was almost white, and there was no contrast between it and the trim. This photo was taken last night while we were still very unsure.

Then this morning we woke up, and look how beautiful it looks!

Daytime. Definitely blue.What’s great is that the subtle blue color is a perfect match for the tile in the backsplash (be still, my heart). So now we just have to finish painting and pick out a new wallpaper for the chair rail. Since we have to order it, we’ll be pawning the work of hanging it off to S and the Architect when they come for Christmas. Muahahahahahahaha!!

In other news, we got to be firefighters. My brother, Ole Redneck, is in the volunteer fire department in his town. When we were over visiting him on Monday, he got a call to a brush fire. We drove over and got the fire truck, put on the sirens, and drove over to the fire. We were the only ones to show up, so the Artist & I became volunteer firefighters on the spot. Ole Redneck told us which hose to pull out and which parts of the fire to spray, and we got that fire put out. We even saved a house (though that was really Ole Redneck since he did the part of the fire by the house). And after all the fighting, it looked like this:

ScaryLuckily, no one was hurt.

So, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Be sure not to start any brush fires.






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