Another Furniture Upgrade!

K on treeA few weekends ago, the Artist and I went to an antique mall to look around at things. We always have a fun time doing this because there are just so many interesting things in the world.

Not long after we got there, I saw a side table that I really liked. Normally, my standard rule for purchasing things is to walk away. If I am still thinking about it after an hour or two, then I’m allowed to go back and buy it. So, the Artist and I continued wandering around the place, looking at all of the interesting antiques. By the end, I was still thinking about the table, so we brought it home.

One of the reasons I liked it so much was because it was about the same size as a nightstand that I’ve had since high school. I figured I could upgrade the finish on the one I owned to match the new one and I’d have a set that went together but weren’t matchy-matchy. The blue one in the photo below is the one we bought, and the unpainted one was the one I already had.

Nightstands!The idea was to make the wooden one look distressed, but as if it has aged somewhat differently, so instead of doing it with the chippy look of the new one, we went with a sanded look in the same color. Serendipitously, the new dresser was the same color as the coffee table redo I had previously done, so it was easy to take that paint can to the store and get the color matched in high gloss paint.

Step one: sand the dresser to get the varnish off. I used a coarse sandpaper, and the process only took a little more than an hour.

Sandy!After all the sanding was done, I 2 coats of black over the whole thing to create the base color for the distressing. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get a photo of the nightstand black, but it looked really good.

After that, I gave it a full three coats of the high-gloss teal color, then the Artist helped me sand it down some so it would be a little distressed. Then we put on some awesome drawer pulls that I found online at and it was finished! I did the whole project over the course of about 4 days. We did the sanding on Sunday, and painted after work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, then sanded on Friday. All in all, it was worth the work, and I think it looks great!

Pretty knobs!And finally, I give you a picture of the two together. I must tell you that in real life, the colors are much closer matches. For some reason they showed up very differently in the picture.

Furniture!The thing I really like about them is that they are so different, but the new finish makes them go together nicely. I like that one has drawers and the other has doors. Oh–and I changed out the knobs on the dresser I bought too. They’re a nice set!






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