Making Bath Salts for Relaxation and Gifts

K on treeThere are a few things in life that are truly relaxing. One of those is a nice, warm bath with wonderful scents.

I have lately been messing around with making them on my own and thought I’d share a general recipe for one I recently made. It was for a gift for someone who loves the ocean. It’s not the Artist–he doesn’t take baths.

What I like about making bath salts is that you can tailor the recipe to use only scents you like. And also it’s REALLY easy. The only problem is that essential oils are not cheap, so the thing to do if you’re on a budget is pick out a few that you like and slowly add to your collection when you have the money.

So, you want to make bath salts? Let’s do this together. I made a Kelp Forest scent.


Step 1: get your ingredients together.

You will need:

1 pretty jar to put the bath salts in when they’re done

1 bowl to mix everything in

1 spoon to mix with

Epsom Salts

Course Salt—Sea or Mineral will do nicely. I used Sea Salt

A variety of essential oils that you like the scent of–try to mix something deeper/woodier with something brighter to get a balanced scent.

Food Dye

Fill your jar about halfway with Epsom Salt, then fill the rest of the way with Sea Salt. This way you will be sure to make just enough to fill the jar.


Then pour the salts from the jar into the mixing bowl. That way you have space to stir! At this point, you want to add your essential oils. Add enough so it’s definitely scented. You want it to be strong because, remember, this is going to be highly diluted by the bath water. Most of the recipes online say you only need 5-10 drops of oils for a cup and a half of bath salts, but when I followed that recipe, you couldn’t even smell them in the bath. So I used a lot more than that in this recipe.

For reference, I used the following amounts–keep in mind, the scent is strong, which is how I like it, but if you don’t like strong scents, use a lot less essential oil:

15 drops Sandalwood (my Sandalwood is diluted to 14%, so this is the equivalent of 2 drops of pure essential oil)

5 drops Vetiver

9 drops Bergamot

15 drops Geranium

10 drops Lime

8 drops Grapefruit

Food ColoringThen add in food coloring. I used 5 drops of green since it’s a Kelp Forest scent. Pick a color that goes with what you are trying to make the bath salts smell like.


Mix it all up and put it back in the pretty jar!

Kelp Forest!Last step: convince the Artist to write you a pretty label in calligraphy and photograph in front of kelp fronds.

Enjoy your baths!


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