Making a Hair Trim Silly

S on SnowdoniaYou may or may not have noticed by this point that I have really, really long hair. I like to keep it just above my tailbone. I also only wear skirts. I just like how feminine both of those things make me feel.

I started growing out my hair soon after I graduated college because I was mostly unemployed and waking up every day and doing some new hairstyle made me feel pretty and like I had it together. And now I just like it. I like the flexibility to have it formal or casual, it’s easy to wear–I just throw it up in a bun with a hairstick most days and it takes me all of five seconds to have my hair done.

I started wearing only skirts when I was working in a warehouse. It made me feel sad and gross to wear grungy clothes in case they got dirty, and the dust in the warehouse washed out easily in the laundry. So I started wearing only skirts as a sort of rebellion against the lack of beauty in the warehouse. Even after I left that job, though, the skirts have stuck around. I own exactly one pair of jeans, which I wear for things like bonfires where a skirt is really just not the most appropriate thing.

Anyway, it was time for a hair trim today, so I thought I would should you guys how I do it. Plus, BONUS SILLY FACES! I trim my hair any time it actually reaches my tailbone. Here’s the before picture: Hair to infinity

Hair trim beforeI trim my own hair because it’s easy, and I don’t want to spend my dollas on paying someone to cut off more hair than I want them to cut off. K got her hair cut couple months back, and I went with her, and I realized it was my first time being in a hair salon in oh, about seven years. I’ve only been actively growing my hair out for about four, but before that I was a poor college student and just had K cut it. Anyway, back to my free and goofy trim. This will work for any hair long enough to make a ponytail with. Step one: Make a ponytail straight at the top of your head, and then make foolish faces because your hair feels super cheerleadery and your bangs point at the sky.

put in a high ponytail

silly ponytail1

silly ponytail 2Step two: Pull your hair straight up and down and grab the end even if it’s way beyond where you can reach it. Make an absurd face because you can’t reach.

measure length


Step three: Chop straight across. Make a ludicrous face like this takes concentration.

cut straight across


Step four: Look at that flat cut and momentarily freak out. I thought I was cutting layers? What have I done?!


hair on floorStep five: Make a crazy face while you pretend like you have short hair for once.

short hairdo


Step six: Make ANOTHER preposterous face while you check to make sure it looks good.

check it's cuteAnd finally, step seven: Stare wistfully into the distance as you take an “after” photo

hair trim after


And there you have it! Seven steps to a tiny little hair trim complete with a good time!

*Today’s silly synonyms courtesy of S and her Thesaurus





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