Table Surgery

K on tree


Hi there, everybody! I hope everything is going as well for you as it has for me. The Artist and I have been enjoying setting up our new home and learning about our new area. And one of the first things that needed to be addressed was our “dining room” table. If you don’t remember, it’s a coffee table we’re using as a dining room table for the time being. But it was sad and needed a lot of help. Exhibit A: crime against beauty.

Ugly table beforeThe Architect discovered this table along with a few matching side tables in one of his epic trash-picking wins. So when the Artist and I needed a temporary table, we took this one. But sadly, the move inflicted horrible wounds upon our poor table that required major restorative surgery so that it can go out in public without hiding its face from the horrified screams of children. 

So, the Artist and I went to the hardware store to choose an appropriate paint color. We wanted something that would coordinate with my favorite grass green rug and help brighten up that half of our apartment. After a little while debating, we settle on an awesome pale sea green. Luckily, since we only needed a little paint, we were able to get a sample jar of the paint for about $4. Hooray! 

The wound and its solutionSince the table is only temporary, we didn’t want to spend too much time sanding it before the paint job. I know! DIY BLASPHEMY!!! That paint won’t last forever. So what. We’re too cool to sand. We must be cut-rate plastic surgeons. 

At least we took the precaution of bandaging up the lower extremities so that they would not be damaged during the surgery. masking tape bandages

So, after the taping we took the table out to the porch for painting time. It took 3 coats to get the light green to cover the almost-black that the table was before. But after it was done, we were left with a beautiful table! I’m pleased with the results so far. We’ve even eaten off it a few times. If I were planning on using the table more permanently, I would definitely put some type of varnish on it. The highest sheen we could get in the paint sample was eggshell, so sliding plates around on the table is impossible.

Complete table!

Now I just have to decide if I should paint the legs too. Thoughts?



5 thoughts on “Table Surgery

  1. I hear some paint advertisements that claim they cover in one coat over any surface, just probably not at $4 a half liter. Excellent story telling, laughed at many of the verbal pictures–children screaming, surgery. Looks great

  2. Looks great, but what about the little sisters that need to be painted. You aren’t going to leave them bare and different are you. Also I like the legs the way they are. Love you.

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