Our new place!

K on treeAfter having lived in our new apartment for a whole 2 weekends, it’s starting to feel like home!

Moving was a lot of work. My dad came up to help us. He, S. the Architect, and I packed up our rental truck. Then we said a tearful goodbye to S and the Architect and headed out to the Artist’s house. After a few more hours packing up the truck, we started driving in a nice caravan for the rest of the afternoon, slept at a hotel and kept driving on Sunday. We arrived at the new apartment Sunday afternoon, got our keys, and brought everything into the apartment in a record 2 hours!

Then, we just had to sort through boxes and start putting everything away. Luckily I had taken Monday off from work, so we spent all day Monday organizing. We dropped dad off at the airport early Tuesday morning, and then headed out to my work trip. Yes, I had a work trip the very first week we were in our new place. Luckily, the Artist wasn’t working, so he came along with me and went kayaking and hiking while I was at work, so we still got to spend our first week living together actually together and he got a little vacation. Makes me feel less like a jerk.

So, I bet you’re now itching to find out what our new apartment looks like! Well, luckily for you, I happen to have taken some (very bad) pictures!

Living roomThis picture is from the entryway, looking through the “dining room” into the living area/office (I put that in quotes because we don’t currently have a dining table. We have a coffee table that’s doing a great job as a stand-in until S and the Architect move in with us).

As you can see in the background, S and the Architect’s room is currently storage for boxes that have to go to work eventually. There’s an awesome vacation hat on the left from when the Artist and I went to see Natural Bridge, VA.

Also, there are sunglasses on the floor because I was tackled with cuddles when I got home from work this afternoon. The Artist is just the best!

Nautical kitchenNext we have the kitchen, which is just to the right of that shot above. The story here is that the Artist always loved nautical stuff because his family is from the beach, so he has always wanted a whole house decorated in a nautical theme. I always thought that was sort of tacky, so we compromised on the kitchen, the least tacky room for nautical features. Another funny thing about this is the comically-low chairs we are currently using instead of bar stools.

For some nautical details, check out this sign S and the Architect gave us as a housewarming gift! Plus the salt and pepper shakers I got the Artist as a birthday gift a few years ago. (CRABBIES!)crabbies

PlatesThen there are the plates that I got the Artist for his birthday a few years ago. Have you caught a pattern in my gift-giving? Yeah, we’ve been planning for a nautical kitchen for a LONG time.


KELP N SUCHThat bundle at the top are some awesome silver measuring spoons I got to go with the plates.

And then, there’s above the fridge. MORE OCEAN. We’re planning to also get a print of a panoramic the Artist took on a beach vacation for the big wall in front of the fridge.

Just a couple more photos of our bookshelves. Then you guys will know just what our place looks like!

Awesome built-in

Awesome not-built-in


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