One Egg, Divided

S on SnowdoniaIt’s been a sad couple of weeks here in Two Half Eggs land.

K moved 550 miles away from me. And I miss her.

As we’ve mentioned before, she just finished her MBA. Her company named her Director of Marketing and asked her to move to their new corporate office. We all decided to follow her there. This week marks the first time that she’s lived with the Artist. Also the first time I’ve lived alone with my husband.

Princess K leavingK and The Artist have lived in different cities for the last five years because they both loved their jobs. We don’t like his city, he doesn’t like ours. So this new city, which is closer to our parents, seemed like a good compromise. We can all be together.

The Architect and I are finishing out our lease here before we move to go be with them at the end of November. And then we’ll all live together in one little apartment and be a happy family, all of us together.

She left on Saturday morning, and we cried, and her room was so empty. We had to reorganize our furniture because the whole apartment was so empty without her things. Then one of the Architect’s college friends came to town, and we took her out to dinner. And then our good friend came with a delicious ice cream cake to celebrate the Architect’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Architect!


2 thoughts on “One Egg, Divided

  1. It’s good that you have all managed to compromise so well. It’s hard enough when there are only two of you in a relationship, so to make it work with 4 is pretty awesome.

    I love the look of your house and your creativity with clothes. It’s also fascinating to hear about your relationship.

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