Our kitchen’s cutesy details

S on SnowdoniaOur kitchen floor is big enough, beautiful enough, and wooden enough that it makes a successful replacement for a dance studio. This is incredibly convenient, considering I am a professional dancer. To have rehearsal, we simply move the table out of the way.

I was having rehearsal a few days ago with a choreographer and another dancer for a show we’re preparing for. I had never met this other dancer, and she had never been in my house. Over the course of the rehearsal, she fell in love with our kitchen. It was so much fun to see it through new eyes as she noticed the cutesy and fun details we put into it. Most of them were put in by the Architect. I thought I would share with you her process of discovery in our kitchen.

First she noticed la mouton from La Petit Prince. The Architect made it. He has this hobby where he cuts pictures out of thick paper, then puts them over a dark background.


La mouton has a companion piece on the other side of the house. But she noticed and recognized the little guy, and got really excited. The other piece is from another part of the book, with the phrase “S’il vous plait, dessine-moi un mouton!” For those of you who don’t speak French, that means “Please, draw me a sheep!” It’s from a part of the book where the prince is lost in the desert and needs a sheep. We like to picture the prince watching over his sheep who is chewing on baobab trees in our kitchen.


Then, she noticed our flour.

SAM_2158And then she noticed our tea. We keep our tea in little numbered jars to keep track of which tea is which flavor. We’re loose leaf tea fans.


And on one of the wooden pillars in the room, we have hung a piece of slate where we have our tea menu.


The other thing about our kitchen is that a lot of the decorations are from our wedding, which was in October. In the picture below, you can see our seating arrangements and a few signs from the bar.

namesBut my favorite detail about the kitchen is the “to get” list. It brings back very happy memories. See how there’s a chunk missing out of the bottom corner of the piece of slate?


That happened during our wedding ceremony. We had our wedding ceremony out in the forest, and right in the middle of my vows, a black walnut fell out of the sky, and landed on this piece of slate, which was holding our marriage license. It left a stamp mark on the witness line. So every time I see that little missing corner, I remember how blessed our wedding day was. Which, seriously, was so very blessed and happy.

blurred certificate


3 thoughts on “Our kitchen’s cutesy details

  1. What about all the utensils shaped like animals? That’s my favorite part!

    PS. what would I have to do to get Davster to make me a little prince picture? I will pay him all the monies.

    • You’re right! We have a penguin ice cream scoop, alligator salad tongs, a bottle opener shaped like a bird, a ban opener shaped like an alligator, an owl corkscrew, a shark pizza cutter, and a whisk with a grumpy egg for a handle.

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