A better wardrobe

K on tree Not like the kind of wardrobe S talked about last week! I was inspired by her post about making old ugly clothes better to post about how I once took the boring white IKEA wardrobe from my bedroom and made it beautiful.

The house we lived in when The Architect moved in with us was a hundred year old row house, and it was not built with closets the way modern people expect closets. They were about six inches deep, and just had two hooks instead of a rod.

So I bought this wardrobe from IKEA. It was fine. Our house was cheap, which was good because we didn’t have any money, being as how we were recent graduates. But a year and a half later, we grew out of that old house–its only bathroom was so small you could sit on the toilet with your feet in the tub and wash your hands at the same time. And only half the door was useful because the sink was in the way. And the basement flooded every time it rained. And there was a room with no air conditioning or heating, which made our bills really high. And S and The Architect were sharing a room that was so small they both had to keep their clothes elsewhere. The house was causing us to fight. So we moved out of that old crappy house and into a BEAUTIFUL loft apartment.

I wanted my bedroom to feel nice, like it deserved to be in this awesome apartment, instead of just looking like it came from IKEA.

So I wallpapered it. I bought two wallpapers I liked, and used one as the border and the other on the main parts. And it turned out looking like a very expensive luxury wardrobe.


And then I decorated my whole bedroom to go with the wardrobe and its beautiful blues.



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