Refashions and more refashions!

S on SnowdoniaSo I’ve been on a refashioning kick lately. I’m not really sure how it all got started. I know that a few months ago, I found Refashionista, and I read a bunch of her posts. I thought it would be something fun to do every now and again. When K and I were kids, we used to play dress up all the time, and our mother taught us how to sew. The other really important thing she taught us was how to make do with what we have.

In college, I worked in the costume shop of the dance and theater department as my work study job, so I learned some new tricks of the trade, if you will. And then I was going through my closet looking to thin out, choosing clothes to donate to the thrift store, and I found this dress and shirt. SAM_1632 SAM_1631The dress was the costume from one of the first dance pieces I was in in college, and so I had a sentimental attachment to it, even though the neckline was definitely worn out from taking off an edging that had been around to make the tops more modest for a girl who didn’t quite fit her dress. And the shirt I always liked the polka dotted neckline, but never the boring t-shirt shape. So I decided to give refashioning a whirl, and I made this dress, which I then wore to dance around the maypole at a mayday event in town:395622_466559073419014_1044015189_n (1)

Then, K and I were going to a fancy event in March, and she was going to wear a cute peplum dress, but didn’t have a coat to wear. I told her I’d make her one out of an ugly coat at the thrift store. We went, and I found the perfect one, but she was quite dubious. But after taking it in and chopping it off, it was very much improved!


IMG_20130407_201709 (1)

So then, I starting refashioning left and right. I just find it so satisfying to take something ugly and make it cute. And I get the pleasure of wearing clothes I made myself without having to make them from scratch. My sewing skills are definitely NOT good enough to make a whole outfit from scratch, but I can definitely take in and rearrange things.

beforeandafterbluedressIMG_20130627_200815IMG_20130701_192332IMG_20130701_203234 (1)

My latest project was a little bit of a challenge. I started off with this ill-fitting and terribly colored dress. It was one of those off whites that makes it just look dirty instead of beige.IMG_20130627_201250

So I thought I’d dye it green. Sadly, the green dye didn’t take. I have no real idea why, considering the dress is cotton. My best guess is that I didn’t soak it long enough (I really thought an hour would be sufficient). If anything, it just looked dirtier. Anyway, I decided to put it in a purple bath with another terribly hideous dress I’m planning to refashion, and I left them in for a whole day while I went to work.SAM_2122

The dye took! I meant for it not to be too deep of a purple, so I watered the dye down some. I also wanted to change the shape of the dress. It was too much of an a-line, which was very flat. So I took a chunk out of the middle, gathered the skirt, and reattached it.


Once it was done, I put on a cute belt to cover up the new seam, and went up to our roof deck to enjoy some homebrew with the Architect. Delicious.



6 thoughts on “Refashions and more refashions!

  1. Great job! I definitely feel you on the not being quite good enough to make clothes from scratch, but it definitely is satisfying to rescue old things. Love all your projects – I’ve never dyed anything before but the purple dress came out great (even if the green didn’t take – its still super inspiring!)

    • Thank you!

      I find that dye is very forgiving. Have a print with too much contrast? Dye will even it out! Hate the color? Dye will fix that! I’ve never actually dyed anything (except for this with the green) that looked worse after a dye bath. And it really can transform a look pretty significantly. I’m a big fan.

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